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In a home where many residents live, it’s important to us to celebrate your individuality, make you feel valued, and respect your contributions.

Whether you want to read, paint, enjoy the outdoors, or almost any other thing imaginable, our care focuses on creating an environment where you have both the time and support to do what makes you happy. Here at Monte Vista Taupō, individuality and creativity are welcome, as are new personalities to the village. Diversity makes sure that we have a thriving and vibrant community within our village. Let us show you how you can be apart of our team.

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Creative Expression

We encourage all residents to bring their personal belongings with them to personalize their rooms, and to make them really feel at home. Ornaments, wall hangings, and photo albums are welcome in your new home, and we can always make arrangements to move your possessions into your room before your admission date to ease your transition.

A Choreless Existence

Moving into one of our homes means that you no longer need to worry about daily chores. We take care of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and general housekeeping, so you have more time and less stress. While the initial decision to move into a home may feel like you are losing independence, in fact, many residents are relieved to find that removing the stress and anxiety of daily chores greatly improves their ability to enjoy their free time and engage in leisure activity.

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Our Activities

Our activities program is designed to give you a way to be part of the social life in the home, by incorporating your needs and interests you can get the most out of your stay with us.

Our staff facilitate daily events with residents based on their preferences. Upon admission, our Activities Coordinator will work with care staff to understand your needs and incorporate your preferences into the overall activity program. We always incorporate special requests.

We also make sure we get out and about with supported field trips tailored to each of our guest’s needs.

Get in contact with our team at our Taupō retirement village for an obligation-free conversation about our care


“I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visits to Monte Vista Residential Care. I could see by the positive feedback from people who were already staying here and loving it that this was a place that people were happy to live in. Monte Vista has good food, a caring staff and an attractive garden. It is warm and friendly and gives peace of mind to the family who can take a break from worrying about me. I feel safe at night and don’t have to worry about falling, cooking, my health or bills.”


“I enjoy the fact that independence is encouraged. This means I can come and go as I please. I enjoy the staff, the meals and the extras that they do for us. I was pleased to be asked to be the Māori Advocate for Monte Vista and it’s good to see that the staff are learning about all cultures.”


“I was in hospital and was unable to cope at home, so my daughter and I decided I would come to Monte Vista. I wouldn’t go to any other place in Taupō!! I get on so well with all the staff, they are marvellous. We have lots of fun and laughter. I feel so secure here, and warm and happy. I think I have the best room at Monte Vista because of the view of the mountains and lake. My family visit often and they are happy that I feel so settled. I enjoy the entertainment, especially the line dancers and the lady who comes to play the piano accordion. Every Monday the Piano Ladies come and we all do lots of singing. Kath and I always sing the Monte Vista theme song, which is ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary"


“What I like most about Monte Vista Residential Care is the scenery. I have people to talk to so I am not left on my own feeling lonely. I also enjoy the peace and quiet. Monte Vista has a friendly and listening staff and a good standard of care. I recommend living here because of the atmosphere. I liked the positive feedback from all the people who were already staying here and loving it.”