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Our Care Planning

We work with you to determine your needs. Care in our homes is all about individuality, and receiving care that is tailored to your unique situation. We take great pride in our ability to understand what type of care you require or want, and our care planning process focuses on working with you to determine your needs. Care is not something that is done to you, but with you, and we are proud to incorporate this philosophy into our care.


What is a Care Plan?

Great care heavily relies on writing a great care plan, and this is why we take this so seriously.

We regularly review care plans to ensure they are up-to-date and accurate and reflects the care that you require and want.

A care plan is a folder containing all information about the specific care you require or want.

Upon admission to our homes, developing your unique care plan is one of the first things we will do with you.

We believe that care goes beyond physical needs, and so we prefer to include families and friends into the care planning process if you, the resident, feel comfortable to let us do so.

We work with you to ascertain your medical needs, but also your physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological goals

Designing a Care Plan

The spirit of creating the care plan is to give you an opportunity to tell us what you need, and for us to have a frank discussion about what type of care you require for your circumstances.

A General Practitioner (GP) will perform the initial medical assessment, with our nurses, activities coordinators and physiotherapists also involved in the process.

Monte Vista believes in open Disclosure & Informed Consent. We believe that if you, or the important loved ones you have nominated, have all the information about your condition and your care, you are better able to decide how you want to live your life. Care plans are available to view by you and your ‘family’, and we will neither hide, nor attempt to hide anything about the care you are receiving. We are committed to open, honest, and transparent communication at all times.

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Working With You

We work with you to determine what care you require in your time with us, this includes:

  • Dietary requirements
  • Medication requirements
  • Pain Management requirements
  • Physiotherapy requirements
  • Diversional Therapy requirements
  • Personal Hygiene requirements
  • Mobility requirements
  • Cultural requirements
  • Spiritual or Religious requirements
  • Monte Vista also provide the confidence of an InterRAI Assessment

InterRAI is the name given to the new Ministry of Health electronic health assessment tools. This comprehensive assessment is designed to capture and communicate the exact nature and level of care our new residents require. Though InterRAI will take years to fully roll out within Aged Care, we have nurses who are qualified to perform InterRAI assessment at all of our homes right now, and through this, we are proud to guarantee you a thorough and detailed assessment of the care that you require.

Get in contact with our team at our Taupō retirement village for an obligation-free conversation about our care


“I liked the smiles and happy people I saw on my initial visits to Monte Vista Residential Care. I could see by the positive feedback from people who were already staying here and loving it that this was a place that people were happy to live in. Monte Vista has good food, a caring staff and an attractive garden. It is warm and friendly and gives peace of mind to the family who can take a break from worrying about me. I feel safe at night and don’t have to worry about falling, cooking, my health or bills.”


“I enjoy the fact that independence is encouraged. This means I can come and go as I please. I enjoy the staff, the meals and the extras that they do for us. I was pleased to be asked to be the Māori Advocate for Monte Vista and it’s good to see that the staff are learning about all cultures.”


“I was in hospital and was unable to cope at home, so my daughter and I decided I would come to Monte Vista. I wouldn’t go to any other place in Taupō!! I get on so well with all the staff, they are marvellous. We have lots of fun and laughter. I feel so secure here, and warm and happy. I think I have the best room at Monte Vista because of the view of the mountains and lake. My family visit often and they are happy that I feel so settled. I enjoy the entertainment, especially the line dancers and the lady who comes to play the piano accordion. Every Monday the Piano Ladies come and we all do lots of singing. Kath and I always sing the Monte Vista theme song, which is ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary"


“What I like most about Monte Vista Residential Care is the scenery. I have people to talk to so I am not left on my own feeling lonely. I also enjoy the peace and quiet. Monte Vista has a friendly and listening staff and a good standard of care. I recommend living here because of the atmosphere. I liked the positive feedback from all the people who were already staying here and loving it.”